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Child Therapy

Are you experiencing unwanted behaviors, that are disrupting the connection between you and your child?

On the other side of discomfort, transformation is waiting. 

You and your child can begin to have acceptance of all feelings and experiences.


We use play based therapy methods, with carefully selected materials, and provide you with the skills and tools to support your child for the rest of their life.

Whether you are having behavioral concerns about your child, seeking help for yourself or there has been a major life change;

Our gift is seeing you and your child clearly, getting to the root of all behaviors, in effort to bring relief, acceptance and healing.

Through observing a child at play, we can learn about their experience from their own lens. We can see their worries, fears, challenges, and strengths.

Our therapists have extensive training in working with children through play, including child-directed play, extended play-based developmental assessments, Theraplay, sand tray therapy, expressive arts, bibliotherapy and parenting support.

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