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ADHD Therapy

Perhaps your ADHD was missed as a child. This is often the case with so many adults who now recognize ADHD in themselves. Often, when we are able to get by in school, we are not considered for a diagnosis of ADHD, so then our struggles fall under the radar.

Or perhaps you're noticing possible ADHD in your child- symptoms can look different for each person. We often see inattentiveness, daydreaming or hyperfocus, explosive emotions or reactivity, or even heightened sensitivity to rejection. 

ADHD is so much more than academic or work success. Untreated ADHD can follow us into adulthood and can affect our overall focus, attention to detail, work performance, home life, the way we connect with others, and how we respond to the world. 

At River Grove Therapy, we understand the struggles of ADHD across the life span and we are here to partner with you on this part of your journey.

Youth Counseling
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