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Adolescent & Teen Therapy 

Defining who you are as a teen can be tough - and is important work. This time of life can significantly impact their success in the future. This discovery period often comes with many bumps and challenges that may cause difficulty for teens and their parents. We are here to help.     

Through transformative therapy, adolescents and teens discover their identities through engaging and interactive activities in a play-filled setting. Whether your teen loves the competition of a board game or prefers to just talk, our approach truly connects them to their goals, dreams and desires.

Our therapists are specifically trained to utilize play as brilliant tool for ultimate self discovery, relationship building, and enhanced self-awareness. Our therapists help your teen or adolescent to decrease the reliance on negative behaviors or distractions and increase their motivation and confidence.  


Therapy for Teens

Therapy allows adolescents - pre teens & teens to explore their full potential in a playful environment.

  • reduce stress

  • build life skills

  • define values

  • enable proper coping tools

  • increase self esteem 

  • reduce depression and anxiety

  • enhance relationship with peers

  • increases self-expression

  • improve identity and life goals

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